Take These Extra Steps Before Listing Your Home!

Take These Extra Steps Before Listing Your Home!

Preparing your home before it goes on the market is key to a quick sale. Your listing agent will be a great guide when it comes to readying your home. You likely already know that you should declutter, thoroughly clean and remove your personal photos or mementos, but it is important to understand that buyers may notice things that you overlooked.

In order to increase opportunities to attract that ideal buyer for your home, follow these five steps to give your home every advantage in the marketplace.

  1. Apply fresh paint. The exterior of your home is the first thing that potential homebuyers see, so it is important to make sure that your curb appeal is in tip-top shape. If you have any spots that need touched up, now is a great time to do that. Applying a fresh coat of neutral paint to interior rooms where there is a bold color palette is always a good decision. While this may seem like a lot of work, it could make all the difference to a potential buyer, as they may not have the same tastes as you.
  2. Clean screens, windows and air vents. We sometimes overlook the dirt, lint and dust that can accumulate in window screens and air vents. Vents can be cleared of dust by using a vacuum, and screens can be removed and sprayed with a hose to remove dirt. Cleaning windows both inside and out can have a big impact, and buyers will want to see the view outside from every room.
  3. Replace light bulbs. Few things can make a living space look smaller than dim lighting, so spruce up with new bulbs. Be certain to replace any bulbs that are burnt out in chandeliers and double-check all bulbs on the exterior as well.
  4. Fill in the cracks. Wood expands and contracts, which can cause cracks in painted doors and moldings. Filling the cracks with caulking material and repainting will make them disappear and rejuvenate the detailing of your home.
  5. Pressure wash. Sidewalks, home siding and porches that are covered in mold, dirt and mildew can be a serious eyesore for potential buyers. Take a trip to your local hardware store and rent a pressure washer to boost curb appeal.  
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